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Market Research Analyst

by StickEarn Data Management

Job Description

  • Responsible for managing in-house studies but not limited to collaborating with 3rd party research agencies, especially for quantitative external projects for clients.
  • Manage end to end process of qualitative or quantitative research projects for internal stakeholders such as Campaign Evaluation Study, Concept Check, Product Evaluation, or any discovery research (U&A, competitive benchmarking, etc.).
  • Lead research projects and collaborate with other departments (Business, Marketing, Product, Sales or Ops) to create an integrated report.
  • Build research design/framework including materials (Questionnaire or Discussion Guide) based on business objectives.
  • Accountable for data collection, checking, analysis, and reporting.
  • Craft insightful reports to answer stakeholders' or client’s objectives.

Job Requirement

  • Have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience in market research, involving both basic quantitative & qualitative research projects .
  • Able to conduct basic methods of both approaches: Survey and/or In-depth interview.
  • Able to do mentoring and manage junior researcher especially related to practical basic research concept .
  • Comfortable in doing a collaboration with cross-department teams (Business, Marketing, Product, Sales or Ops) in proposing research initiatives.
  • Has ability in understanding stakeholders' needs regarding business context/objective and apply the proper methodology to answer the business questions.
  • Understand the overview of the product cycle framework and look at it from the standpoints of others (product, marketing, and business).
  • Good reporting skills and presentation skills.
  • Has exceptional analytical and logical abilities.
  • Ready to face challenges.
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