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Senior Sales Enabler

by StickEarn Sales

Job Description

  • Collaboration with Marketing Team to creating promotion and insight regarding customer journey and behaviour of the markets. Able to deliver the right information to the right customer at the right time and place to move the sale forward.
  • Influences the structure and organization of the sales team to maximize its efficiency, impact, and performance. Digging more information about what’s happening in the team and solve the problem that can help them to work more productive and achieving their OKR.
  • Creating SOP and flow that connected to another department (BD, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Operational, etc)
  • Integrating, tracking, and updating anything related to how to prepare for a series of conversations, what to do in those conversations, supporting materials needed to sell, and how to drive certain outcomes.
  • Data-Driven minded. Collect the right data, analyzing and taking action from there
  • Ensure the content is okay before it reaching the customers
  • Creating a standardized report
  • Research and implementing tools to improving Sales Team performance

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising is preferred
  • Minimum 5 years experience in digital marketing, publisher or creative agency setting
  • Experience leading brand strategy – developing brand proposals from scratch
  • Experience in creating and presenting presentations, structuring a clear narrative and argument to sell creative ideas and strategies to the client
  • Experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative consumer research to analyze and insightful conclusions
  • Good in written and spoken English
  • Comfortable interacting with all levels of an organization
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